I dreamt that my girlfriend is cheating on me

April 15, 2019

Dear Pastor,

Do you believe in dreams? I always dream of things before they happen. People think I am psyche. I dreamt when my mother was going to die. I also dreamt when my grandparents would die. But I am having a real problem now. I have a girlfriend, and we have built a house on a piece of land my father gave us, and I dreamt that she is cheating on me.

I am paying somebody to watch her movements, but it is now two weeks and the man has not come up with anything. But the dream keeps coming back to me, so I have decided to keep paying the man for his service.

In one of my dreams, I could see the man but not his face. I heard him talking to my girlfriend, but I don't know that voice. I don't want to judge anybody, so kindly help me out by telling me what you think of this dream.


Dear L.B.,

Please excuse me, but I must express myself by telling you that you are making yourself a big fool. You don't trust your woman, so you are willing to make up all different types of stories about her.

The young man you are paying to watch your girlfriend is eating your hard-earned money. He hasn't seen your woman with any man. He has no hard story to tell you about her. I tell you the truth, who knows what this man would do? He may even get involved with your girlfriend if she would allow him to do so; that is, if she suspects that you are paying him to watch her. Don't be a fool, sir.

Learn this, you can't watch women. If a woman wants to be bad, she will be bad.


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