Caught my husband having sex with the helper

May 09, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am 61 years old. I was married, but I never had children. My husband is 55 years. Both of us own a business, and we helped two children. They were children from the community who needed help, so we took them in. Now, they are on their own. They called me mother and my husband father. They ended up being bright children, and we are proud of them.

We always have helpers, so these children grew up having people to take care of them. One is now a nurse, and she lives in Florida. The other is a teacher, and he lives in Jamaica with his girlfriend.

Pastor, it is hard for me to relate to my husband these days. I have been faithful to this man in every way. I came home one day and saw his vehicle at the gate, and I wondered what he was doing home so early. But because the car was parked at the gate, I thought that he just came to pick up something and to go back out. When I got to the front grille, I heard sounds. I thought nothing of it. I was about to open my bag to take out my keys, and I heard sounds again. The sounds were unusual, and almost like groaning.

I took my very time and opened the grille. Would you believe that my husband was naked at that time of the day when he should be at work? And my helper was also naked. Both of them were having sex on the floor. I shouted out, and my husband begged me on his knees not to say anything because the neighbours would hear. The helper ran for her dress. I fired her on the spot, and I told my husband that I will chop him up. I saw this big man cry. I couldn't believe it.

What is bothering me is that this man was not even wearing a condom. I would like both of us to come and see you. Please tell us when.


Dear O,

If your husband would agree for both of you to come and see me, call my assistant at 876-929-1667, and she would give you an appointment. Stay far away from weapons. I am sure by now your husband has tried to explain himself, but you caught him in the very act, so he can't deny that he was having sex with the helper. He must have been admiring the helper for a long time, and he thought he was safe. He is a careless man, and he needs your forgiveness. If you can afford to forgive him, you may consider doing so. Forgiveness is very expensive.


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