My son and husband got into a fight

May 10, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I have been married for three years. My husband and I do not have children together. I had two children before I met my husband. They are boys. One of them is not getting along well with my husband. My husband is very strict, and my son likes to go out, and he comes in late. My husband told him that he should not come in later than 10 p.m. He is 17 years old. He told my husband that he cannot tell him what time to come in because he is almost 18.

My husband and my son got into an altercation, and my son punched him. I had to part them. My husband said that he cannot stay in the house because he is paying the rent. I begged my husband to take it easy. I don't have anywhere to go, but this boy is always giving me trouble.

Before I met my husband, I used to have a man friend, and he provided for me. This boy didn't like him because he was very black and was working on the road. He would work and bring home his money. My son called him a monkey. When he said it the first time, the man took it as a joke. He said it again, and my boyfriend said that he was out of order and he could not give me money to feed him.

I am of light complexion, and pastor, this man my son called a monkey is now living with a beautiful, young girl, and he helped her to get a car. I regret breaking up with him so much.


My husband is treating me well, but I am preparing for the worst because I know that my husband would knock my son down if he continues to threaten him. I am wondering whether you would take the time to give him some counselling. Let me hear from you soon, pastor.


Dear H.B.,

First of all, I am glad that you have a husband who cares for you. He was not afraid to marry you, and he has done his best to assist you with your children. Your son is rude and totally out of order. He ought to realise that this man had the right to tell him that he ought to be home at a certain time.

I can tell you that your son should be on his own. He feels that he is a big man, so a big man should turn his own house key. Your husband may get himself into trouble over this young man. You should have sought help for him a long time ago. And, believe me, if he continues the way he is, it wouldn't be a long time before he gets in big trouble. This young man is out of control. I would be willing to meet with the entire family. Call my office at (876) 929-1667 and make an appointment to see me.


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