My babyfather is a no-good man

May 17, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am a 24-year-old woman and I hate my life because it is in a mess. I have a baby by a man who is currently 32.

When I was pregnant, he abandoned me and denied that he was the father. I was left on my own throughout the nine months of my pregnancy.

When my baby was born, he still wasn't there, and during the time of his absence, he was busy making another baby with another female.

Our baby is now three years old and he came back in my life in May 2018. When he came back, he went and had intercourse with one of my associates and I found out.

My relationship hasn't been the same because, since then, he has been treating me very badly and running me out of his house.

Pastor, I am going through hell and I need your advice, please.


Dear T.N.,

You made a mistake by taking this man back in your life. What you should have done when this man did not accept paternity, was that you should have taken him to court and settled the matter there. He should have been made to support his child.

You allowed this man to come back into your life and now he is treating you like his floor mat. He is not interested in you. I suggest, therefore, that you end the relationship with him.

He is an embarrassment to you. Take him to court and tell the magistrate the truth, and ask that he supports his child by giving the money to the court.

Let him pay the money to the court and receive his receipt, because some men often lie and say that they gave the support to the mothers of their children when that is not the truth.


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