Woman stress gave me diabetes

June 11, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I have written to you and when it was published in July 2, 2014, the headline was 'Rejected by church and family'.

I am certain you can find that article in your archives to do follow-ups. I am a 32-year-old man who found your advice to be very sound.

My aunt predicted the future and it came through. She told me that the woman I was dating would become "a doctor bill", and my health and this woman would not work because of her situation.

For more than a decade, she has been ailing, and the doctor couldn't give a full diagnosis. The closest they could arrive at was that she was suffering from iron deficiency.

Pastor, during the ordeal, I was employed as a security officer with a reputable firm. I had to work day and night to facilitate the medical cost.

Now she seems to have overcome her health issues and I am now diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I happen to believe that it was the high stress levels that caused me to have that chronic disease.

My intention was to get married to this woman, but now I am having a different outlook of things. In addition to that Pastor, I can say that I was praying and seeking for answers from God, and a small, still voice spoke to me and said I must send her to her family in the country, because this is not my burden to carry, and I must surrender my life to God.

I then questioned that command, telling myself that it would not be feasible because I have a child with her and it would have been challenging for me financially to provide for her and my child in the country.

Not once, but twice, I have got that command from that still voice.

Pastor, I felt like everything was against me and having been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it seems to me that my stressful situation and having problems at work have compounded things.

Some days I wish God would just take me home.

I am willing to seek counselling from you. Please provide me with the information about how I can reach to you for counselling sessions. I urgently anticipate your response.


Dear A.D.,

You said you are hearing a still voice. I don't know where that voice is coming from. I would say to you that I believe that you are thinking too highly of yourself. Humble yourself and pray. Start going to church and encourage your child's mother to attend church, too. You don't need to talk to me at all. You need to talk to God.

You are finding every fault in this woman and in others. Take the time and have a good look at yourself. You need to be transformed. Or as Jesus would put it, "You need to be born again."


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