I need serious financial help

June 13, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am a 24-year-old woman who has written to you before about my relationship, but my head is on a different page now.

I have a lot of ambition, but I wasn't born with a gift or talent. Sometimes I feel like I have no purpose, there is nothing that I'm good at. Over the years that I've developed a passion for fitness. I solely want to become a fitness trainer and model. I did a few subjects recently and I have faith that I'll pass so that I can attend the University of Technology.

But until then, I'm seeking businesses and companies that are selling shares. I'm willing to do any type of business to get on my feet.

I don't have a business mind, either, and this is all I came up with, but I really need some help. I really need a start, Pastor. I need a way out.

I have business ideas, but I don't have the help to start it. I'm all alone. I am thinking to invest a small amount in shares so it will grow over time.

I also need someone to talk me through these types of things because I still don't understand it fully. I need a financial adviser that will work with me.

Pastor, can you give me your thoughts, it will mean a lot to me.

Thank you.


Dear V.N.,

You seem to be an ambitious person, but you are ignorant concerning business. Nevertheless, you would love to be a businesswoman. The Sunday Gleaner has a column in the business section and the columnist gives advice on business.

He tells folks how to start businesses and I would say it is an excellent column to read. Ralston Hyman and his co-host have a daily radio programme on Power 106 FM. It is called 'Real Business'.

You should listen to that programme. You would learn a lot. I recommend that programme to you.

You talked about shares. I know you don't fully understand it, but I suggest that you call the Jamaica Stock Exchange. The staff there will be glad to have someone talk to you about these things.

Fight on. Don't doubt yourself and don't give up. You will succeed.


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