Husband’s sisters don’t like me

June 20, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am a regular reader of your column. I am 25 years old and I am married, but my husband is from a different race. Some of his relatives don't like me, but those who don't like me are the uneducated ones. Those who are educated appreciate me and seem to involve me in lots of things.

My husband's mother is not an educated woman. But every time my husband takes me to see her, she is always holding me and telling me how much she loves me and encourages her son to take good care of me. Two of her sisters don't like a bone in me. So when they have family gathering, I sit in one place, and I don't move unless I am called upon to do something.

I have a very loving husband. These two sisters who don't like me are always asking my husband for money. If he doesn't give them, they say that I am the one who told him not to give them. Their behaviour upsets me. I am not sure how to handle it.


Dear A.W.,

It is unfortunate that your in-laws have not fully accepted you into their family. However, your mother-in-law loves you, and she is always encouraging her son to take care of you. However, his sisters don't like you.

The truth is, there are so many people who are like that. They are always begging relatives for money instead of working and earning their own money. But you should try your best not to allow what they say to cause you to be unhappy. You can't change their behaviour, but you can keep busy in improving yourself and making sure that your home is well-kept and your husband is happy.

When you are accused of things you know you are not guilty of, you should just ignore them. You should always remember that you do not owe your in-laws anything, and you are not under any obligation to buy their friendship. Do not get into any gossips with any member of the family. Remember you are not liked, so they would lie on you. However, there are times you may have to stand up for your rights. Do so without apology.


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