Sexy thief robbing me blind

July 11, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am 55 years old and I am having a relationship with a woman who is 41 years old. I have two children and she has three.

My children's mother died suddenly and this woman started to come around. My children were helping me but the both of them got married early, and I supported that because I did not want them to get pregnant and they were not married.

Both of them warned me also to be careful because they saw how women were flocking around me. I drive a nice car and I own a lovely house.

Since my wife died, I put my two daughters' names on the title to protect them. I have a good account in the bank.

This woman who started to come around wants to come and live with me. I told her that she could come and spend weekends sometimes.

Every time she comes, she leaves pieces of clothes, and every time she does that, I fold them up and put them one side.

She is always in need and I find myself spending and spending. My older daughter describes her as a "gold-digger".

Every day she wants money to go to doctor. My wife had some expensive cutleries. My children had a function at my house and they were looking for them in the kitchen.

They couldn't find them. This woman took away these things. She said she didn't, but we know that she did.


I used to buy food in bulk but every time she came, she took away some of it. She even took out sugar and rice.

She is clean but it doesn't seem as if we are going to make it. When it comes to the 'bed work', she is good at that, but I can't trust her. I am not accustomed to hiding things.

Recently, I dreamed that I saw my wife crying and I asked her what was wrong but she didn't answer.

I told my children about the dream and they said that she was crying because of the woman I brought into the house. It was the first time I was seeing my wife in a dream since she died. Since I had that dream I haven't allowed this woman to sleep in the house, and she is wondering why but I have not told her. It is so hard to find a good woman.

Give me your advice.


Dear P.L.,

Evidently, you have got to love this woman. Otherwise you would have told her to go.

Perhaps she sees you as the type of man who can help her and instead of asking you for certain things, she steals them.

She ought to know that you would miss these things even if it takes a long while for you to do so.

On the other hand, it's not your daughter to make the decision whether she goes or stays; it is you. And you are not in a hurry to do so because when it comes to lovemaking she is good at that.

So you should let this woman know that you are very much aware that she steals and if she doesn't stop, you are going to have to end the relationship with her.

Your daughter calls her a "gold-digger" because she always wants things from you. Perhaps you should offer this woman a certain amount of money per week to take care of herself.

You have not said that she steals your money. She is always asking you for more money. Perhaps what she is earning at her job is not enough to take care of her children and herself. Remember that any man who has a relationship with a woman who has children, and the children are living with her and are not yet adults, that woman will have to support them.

And the man with whom she is having the relationship will have to make up his mind to help to support them too.

I repeat, don't chase away this woman, but tell her that you are aware that she steals. And if she continues to do so, the relationship must come to an end.


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