Looking for a good Jamaican woman

July 15, 2019

Dear Pastor,

First let me start by saying that the word of God is the only true word. And with only his favour, I am able to reach out to you for your guidance and assistance.

I am currently incarcerated in a federal prison in the United States. I have been incarcerated for 11 years and was convicted of drug distribution.

I am due to be released in 18 months, God's willing. I am constantly asking God for his forgiveness of my transgressions and made it known to my Lord and Saviour that I have changed my way of thinking.

I received your mailing information from the Weekly STAR to which I once had a subscription. I am writing to you because your advice is good and being a man of God, I respect your opinion.

I am seeking a female companion. Even though I have never been to Jamaica, I do have roots there. My great-aunt and my great-grandfather were from there.

My aunt was one of the most beautiful women I have ever known. So, I know the beauty of a Jamaican woman.

I am not seeking or asking for any financial help, neither do I need any. I only wish to meet a woman to build a life with now and be a friend of hers forever.

Any female wishing to meet a God-fearing man from the US who has been through a few things, but knows that God is the author of all things, may wish to correspond with me.

Thank you in advance if you can assist me in any way and if not, thank you for your time, and may God bless you and your family.


Dear T.F.,

I suggest that you contact the Jamaican STAR newspaper, place an ad therein, and I am sure that some women may respond to you. Spend a little money with the THE STAR and you would not regret doing so.


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