Wukka-man boyfriend doesn’t want to commit

July 15, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I have been seeing this guy for three months and a couple of days. He is a good human being. We have sex sometimes five times a day.

But he is financially unstable, so sometimes I help him out with food and stuff. I really have no problem because I believe a woman should spend just like a man.

When we just started talking, he made it clear that he wasn't ready for a relationship, but I thought it was maybe because he did not know me that well.

So I still continued to see him and play the role. Things started to get serious, and he met my brother and sister.

My family adores him. One day when he realised how serious it was, he told me that he couldn't be in a relationship with me because even though he had feelings for me, he still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend.

He also said that they did not communicate at all but that he still has feelings for her and it would be unfair to start a relationship with me knowing that his mind was going back and forth.

Pastor, I really like this guy, and he is just perfect for me. I was going to just cut him off because I felt destroyed, but then my brother said I should give him some time. I need help, Pastor.


Dear Anonymous,

If I had the ability to pump sense into your head and mind, I would surely do so.

Here is a man with whom you are having sex as often as five times a day, and this man is not financially stable.

He probably has the time to have sex with you five times per day because he doesn't have a job. And you are saying that this man is perfect for you? You are crazy.

Now the man is saying that he wants to go back to his old girlfriend, and you are fighting to keep him. Get real.

You should consider what has happened between this man and you a bad experience and let him go. Your brother told you to give him a chance.

Your brother is just as worthless as this young man. Tell the man to go. And you should go back to school. Don't waste your time.


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