I forgave my father even after he abandoned me

July 18, 2019

Dear Pastor,

My dad left Jamaica in 1960 and never returned. He left when my mother was pregnant with me. I am now 58 years old.

He died and was buried in the United Kingdom. I attended his funeral over there.

When he was alive, he was in a position to buy a ticket to Jamaica but he didn't. So, it is not everyone who goes abroad is unable to purchase a ticket to visit Jamaica.

And not all of them are worthless.

If my father was alive now and came back to Jamaica and was not in a position to take care of himself, I would have taken care of him, because God has forgiven us and has given us chances many times.

People should not snub others. I deserve a second chance, and so do all of us.


Dear Anonymous,

You forgave your father although he literally abandoned your mother and you. I am glad you were able to attend his funeral.

Please don't condemn those who find it difficult to forgive and to embrace men and women who abandon their children.

Evidently, God has given you a special gift. I hope God will continue to bless you.


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