Boyfriend forced me to get pregnant

July 19, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I have been with a guy for three and a half years. We have sex very often. I am 23 and he is 33 years old. We always use the condom.

One day, he asked me if we could have unprotected sex. I told him no because I didn't want to get pregnant.

Before meeting this guy, I had got pregnant but I lost the baby. And I was glad I lost the baby because I was not ready for a child.

He forced me to have sex without us using a condom and just what I was afraid was going to happen to me, did happen.

I am now two months pregnant and this man is saying that the child is not his. I asked him whose child it was and he says that he doesn't know.

Last night I called him and he said that he was joking. He does not doubt that the child is his, and he is going to support the child, so I should not fret.

I don't know what I should do, pastor. Should I carry this pregnancy or not?


Dear K.L,

I would suggest that you carry the pregnancy. It is unfortunate that this man talked you into having unprotected sex with him.

And it was irresponsible that he would even suggest that he was not responsible for your pregnancy when you told him that you were pregnant.

Have your baby. I believe that everything will be alright.


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