Wicked woman tried to scam me at a party

July 23, 2019

Dear Pastor,

This is the first time I am writing to you. I met a girl at a party. I asked her if she was there with friends, and she said she was there with two of her male cousins. I was having a good time with her until one of the cousins called her. When she came back, I asked her what the matter was and she said that he wanted to find out about me.

We danced a little bit more, and the same guy called her again. I became suspicious, and I asked her if that man was her real cousin. She said yes. My spirit told me to leave her alone. I went by the bar and sat down. She came by the bar and asked me to buy her a drink. I told the bartender to serve her what she wanted. The bartender told me to be careful because the guy who called her is not a nice fellow, and she knows him.

This girl asked me for some money. I took her to a convenient place, and I asked her for something for my money. She said she can promise me something, but she was having her period at the time, so she couldn't give me anything. I gave her my cell number and told her she can call me when she is in the clear.

I did not hear from her until three weeks after. She admitted that the guy was not her cousin, but her boyfriend, and he was trying to use her to get money from men who were at the party. However, she said that she was really seeing her period at the time. She said that they are no longer friends because they had an argument and he beat her, and she had to seek medical attention.

Pastor, I am warning men to be careful. When women at parties say they are there alone, don't believe them. Many of them have guys lurking around to rob men. When the girl told me that the guy was her cousin, I believed her. I would never talk to these girls again because they are working with men to rob innocent guys like myself. They are scammers. Many of us men go to parties to pick up girls, but these girls are not good.


Dear V.K.,

I am glad you are alive and that you have learned from the experience you had at the party. When a man sees a woman and she has a couple guys with her, he should keep his head straight, because she could be working with these men to rob him or other men. A man is always safer taking his own woman to parties and dancing with her, and then leave with her for home.

I shall never forget a man telling me that he was at a party, he was having fun dancing and drinking and carrying on. While dancing with a strange woman, he asked her this question: "Do you have a man?" and she said "No." The next question he asked was, "Can I come home with you?", and she said "Yes." They spent a long time at the party and then it was time to leave. She took him to her house, and he took off his clothes and she took off all of hers. They had sex, and then fell asleep.

However, early in the morning, he woke up to see a man sitting at the bed foot. He was so shocked. He jumped up and ran out of her house in the nude. And shouted: "You are a wicked woman. You told me that you don't have a man, how comes this man is in the house?" Then he said to her: "Throw my clothes outside", and all she could say was: "Where he gone?" She threw everything outside, including his shoes, and he put on his clothes and went away. That man who was sitting at the bed foot could have killed him.

A man should not believe a strange woman who says she doesn't have a man and who is quite willing to have him come to her house to have sex and to sleep. He is putting his life into danger.

This young woman you met at the party had her plan. Her plan was to get money out of you to give to her so-called cousin. Weeks later, she admitted that it was her man. Thank you for writing. I wish you well.


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