Is this man taking me for a fool?

July 25, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am in need of some advice. I have been talking to this man for six years. He lives in the United Kingdom. At first, he told me that he lived with his brother and his brother's family.

Out of nowhere, last week, he told me that he lives with his son's mother because he fell into a spot where he couldn't find a way out and the best situation was for him to go back and live with her.

But I cannot believe him, because the only time he can call me is when he is at work. When he is on vacation, I don't hear from him.

When he is in Jamaica, he spends limited time with me. The only time I can see him is when all his friends are gone to their respective homes.

He would make promises that he would take me out when he comes to Jamaica and none of these promises were fulfilled.

The only thing I get from him without asking him twice is money. Now I want to stop talking to him and he is begging me not to stop having a relationship with him.

Can you advise me on this matter, please?


Dear Anonymous,

You did not mention your age, but from the tone of your letter, you are a mature individual. You should have known that this gentleman is fooling you.

You should not have taken him seriously. It is evident that he is either married or living with his babymother permanently. It is time for you to tell him to get lost.

He has no intention of marrying you. He is already tied up. So, stop allowing him to make a fool of you.

You can only talk to him at a particular time during the day, and when he is on vacation, you don't hear from him.

You should know why. So, I repeat, tell this man to get lost and move on with your life.


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