Pregnant and desperate

July 26, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am a fire victim. I lost everything belonging to my daughter and I. This happened on the first day of January this year.

I have been depressed. I cry night and day. My daughter just passed her PEP exams and will be attending high school this September, but, she has no help from her father or any of my family members.

I do not have land to apply for a government house. I can't afford rent now; neither have I got any help from the politicians. They only made promises.

I am in a stressful position now because I am pregnant and I am expected to have my baby in September.

I tried counselling, but it has not helped. I hardly sleep. I eat once per day. I get slimmer every day and I have only visited the clinic once. I have given up on myself for months now.

The only reason why I am breathing is because I have an 11-year-old depending on me. I have severe headaches day and night because I remember what I had and how comfortable I used to be.

I feel I am getting mad because I don't have anyone to help me, except the guys that I used to be intimate with.

My heart aches every day. I asked God why, and when would I ever smile again. Please pray for my daughter, who doesn't talk much or express her feelings.

I worry a lot about her even more than myself. Trust me, it is just a tiny piece of me that is holding on.


Dear Writer,

First of all, I want to let you know that I regret hearing that you were a fire victim and that you lost just about everything that you owned. You have not said with whom you live.

You talked about losing everything and that you cannot afford rent. I cannot believe that your relatives are not willing to help you.

I know that there are many church groups that are always willing to help. The Salvation Army comes to mind. I wonder if you had spoken to them.

Please don't misunderstand me, I am not making light of your problem at all. I am only wondering whether you had contacted them.

I am not surprised that the politicians did not give you much help. But I know church groups are always willing to assist folks who are in distress.


You said you went for counselling, but it did not help. How could counselling not help? Probably you had the wrong motive when you sought counselling.

I am not here accusing you, but I do know that some people go to see counsellors expecting to receive lots of money from them.

I am glad that your daughter will be heading to high school this September. Thank God that although she has suffered emotionally and psychologically, she managed to do her exams and will be attending high school.

You are pregnant and very soon you will be giving birth. I am publishing your letter. Anyone who is willing to give you help, especially for you to prepare for your baby, I will contact you immediately.

Madam, you need to go to the doctor. You should not just ignore the way you feel. You said you have only been to clinic once and that is very bad. Try and go to clinic this coming week.

I am also sorry to know that the man who got you pregnant has not been assisting you in any way at all. However, your ex-boyfriends have not abandoned you. Be very careful, even with them.


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