Girlfriend gave me ‘bun’ for money

September 09, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I'm actually writing to you in shock, pain, and with a broken heart. I've been with this girl for almost a year. I trusted and loved her so much that we agreed to start having unprotected sex. This girl cheated on me, Pastor, and on top of that she gave me an infection; possibly AIDS. I said possibly AIDS because I haven't had a check-up yet. It has been one week and one day since I had sex with her, and now I've started seeing symptoms of chlamydia.

Pastor, I decided to use my head on her to see if she would tell me the truth. I told her she gave me a serious infection and that she should be honest with me about who else she was having sex with. She finally revealed to me that she had sex with a man she met on Facebook. This girl left all the way from Manchester to go to Kingston to meet this man. She spent three days at his house having unprotected sex.

I am a soldier, and trust me, my blood ran cold and my heart started to pound very hard when I listened to this girl speaking. Right away I wanted to end her life, but, Pastor, I prayed to the Lord and begged Him to take control of my body and not let me end her life.

I don't think I can forgive her for what she has done to me. The relationship was going great, and she went and messed it all up just because the man promised her money. I really never knew I was with someone like that. God forgives, but I don't. Guide me, Pastor. Help me not to stray to the bad side.


Dear Private,

You are not sure what is really happening to you. And if you feel that you have contracted an sexually transmitted infection, you should have gone to the doctor already. Soldier, you should know better. You shouldn't be having unprotected sex. Even when a girl swears on the Bible that she does not have anybody, you shouldn't take that risk. Likewise, a young woman should not accept a man in her life and have unprotected sex with him. She should see to it that he uses a condom.

This girl and you have been going together for almost a year, but clearly, she needed more money. According to you, she went with another man because the other man promised her money. Well, let me hope that nothing has seriously gone wrong with you. But hurry up, soldier. Go and get checked out. Please don't get yourself into trouble by physically harming this young woman.


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