My man has changed since I got pregnant

October 07, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I have found myself in a relationship with a popular taxi driver. He is known for his quietness. When I first saw him, I was swept away by his charm.

I must say that we began talking by him being my driver. It started by a text message saying, "How was your day?" From there on, we started talking and things were going well.

I recently lost my job and we are having arguments. I'm now pregnant and he has been coming home late. I can no longer get him on his phone, and I'm trying not to think about it.

I would stay home and cook and clean for this man. He promised that he would be by my side, regardless. But, I'm considering moving on as his actions have changed since I told him that I was pregnant.


He no longer says "later" when he is going on the road, and he doesn't text or calls me anymore.

I love this man so much and he has changed my life completely, but I'm stuck and I don't know what to do anymore. Please, help me.


Dear R.D,

Right now you can't think straight. You are pregnant and you should not be too worried about this man. Concentrate on taking care of yourself. The pregnancy is important.

I don't want to give the impression that it would be normal for you not to even think about him. I am trying to say that you should not mope over him.

You have lost your job, so you have to depend on him for support. I hope that he would do his part. He believes that because you are pregnant, you don't have much say.

You now know that he has not been a good man to you. I repeat, take care of yourself and prepare for your baby. And after you have given birth, if this man continues to ignore you, get yourself a job and move on.

You say that he is a quiet man. He fooled you. He is deadly. Put everything in God's hand and God will take care of him.


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