Obeah man made me leave my job

October 07, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I greet you in the name of Jesus. May He continue to bless you, give you good health and long life. I always read your column online and you've helped a lot of people.

I will be 18 this November. The problem I am facing is that I recently left high school with three Caribbean Examinations Council subjects and I would love to go back to school to continue my education.

When I look and see my school mates in their school uniform while I am home doing nothing, I get more depressed and I try my very best to hold my tears in.

My mother isn't working and my father doesn't have anything to give me.

Pastor, I was working to save some money to go back to school, but then the boss called an obeah man to run his business because he wasn't making enough money to keep his business going, so I had to leave.

If I had stayed there I would be a dead person today because he sprayed some things in the place which gave me headaches. I also sought jobs after that but everywhere was full, and I am even more depressed than before.

Pastor, I am not a lazy or a bad person. I would do any job that doesn't cause me to sin against God if I am getting money to go back to school.

Please, I need your prayers, and if you can help me in any way, I would be highly appreciative. Thank you.


Dear J.D,

I hope that you will get a job very soon, but I am going to suggest that you stop believing that your former boss caused you to leave your job because he was working obeah.

I want you to know also that you must not look at others and be jealous of them, regardless of the circumstances. Some people get ahead faster than others.

Your parents are not in the position to help you much, but you can help yourself. So, keep knocking on doors; you will get ahead in God's own time.

Never give up. And if anyone is willing to assist you, I will contact you.


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