Friend trying to steal my husband

October 10, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am 29 years old and I am married. My husband is living abroad. I am hoping to join him. He is a green card holder. I am presently living at his parents' home.

He has an older brother who is living their also. He is not married. I get along well with everybody. I have a friend and she likes my husband, and this girl called my husband and told him that I was having an affair with his brother.

My husband did not ask me about it; he asked his mother if anything like that was going on. His mother told him that she wouldn't know that, but he should not put that on his head.

His mother told me about it and I asked him why he did not contact me and tell me what he heard. He said he did not believe it, but he could not get it out of his head, and he felt that the best person to ask was his mother because she would tell him the truth.

Pastor, this man is 42. He treats me very well. There is nothing that he wouldn't give to me. I have never cheated on him. I have two children and they are living with their father.

Their father got married and the only time I talk to him is when I want to see my children or we are discussing their education. I have never gone out with him.

I approached my friend and asked her why she was trying to destroy my life. She said it was my husband who was trying to get close to her and has told her that he could come to Jamaica without my knowledge and they could go to Negril for a weekend.

I don't know my husband to be that type of man, but I know he is free-handed and if she wanted anything and she asked him, he would send it to her.

My mother-in-law told me that I must be careful how I associate myself with friends because they are jealous of me. I feel so hurt.

This girl is telling lies on me, but my husband should not have gone behind my back and asked his mother if what he heard was the truth.

Please, give me your advice. I am still feeling very angry with my husband and this girl who is supposed to be my friend.


Dear E.E,

You need not be angry with your mother-in-law. She did not have to tell you what her son said. Perhaps she did so because she wanted to put you on your guard.

She knew that she should not swear for anybody, and that is why she told her son she didn't know if what he was asking her was true. I understand what you are saying.

You are angry because you believe that your husband should have spoken to you and not question his mother about what he heard.

You know that this girl likes your husband, but what you did not know is that she would try to take him away from you. If your husband has confidence in you, nothing that she says would cause him to leave you.

She said he has been encouraging her to spend some time with him in Negril. She doesn't have to be speaking the truth. I suggest, therefore, that you don't go any further with this argument.

Just cut her off as a friend. Consider her dead. You haven't said whether your brother-in-law has heard the dirty rumour. I hope that if he heard, he would not hold that against his brother. And I also hope that your husband would totally cut off all communications with your so-called friend.


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