My girlfriend won’t answer my calls

November 08, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I read your column very often and I am a fan of your radio show. This is not the first time I am writing to you, but I am again in need of your advice. I am with this girl for a couple of months and I have tried to change certain habits that I have in order to make our relationship work.

We live in separate parishes in western Jamaica. She says that she loves me, but she is very jealous.

The problem I am having is that it is very hard to get her on the phone. She does not answer. She prefers me to send her a text, but that is something I don't like to do very much. I would rather hear her voice than to sit on a phone texting.

I work every day, so it is mostly at nights I can really get to text her. If I ask her to call me, there is always an excuse, which gets me upset all the time.

The day before her birthday, I made her a video with her pictures and added one of the most romantic songs to it and sent it to her.

She told me it made her cry. It was very emotional. I sat up until midnight to wish her happy birthday.

I was trying to be the first person to wish her a happy birthday, but it turned out that I was only a runner-up. According to her, a very good friend of hers was the first. I didn't question her about that. That wasn't my business.

I went on facebook the morning to publicly post on her timeline wishing her happy birthday again, when I saw a long post from a guy. It was about him missing her and still loving her, etc, and surprisingly, she also responded by telling the guy that it made her cry and to personally inbox her.

Pastor, to be honest, I asked her if every sweet text a guy sends her makes her cry. I did not mention anything about the post to her facebook page, but her reply was that it was her ex-boyfriend and there was nothing going on between them.

Why would she give such an answer when I did not mention anything about that to her? Is she feeling guilty about something? I need your advice.


Dear T.U.,

I do not believe that this young lady is seriously in love with you. I am not saying that she does not like you at all, but she is making a fool of you.

She is taking you as a puppet. She is not showing appreciation for anything that you do.

I would suggest that you look elsewhere. The other young man is still in the picture.

This girl is not even making any special effort to talk to you. Her love for you is not strong.

Don't run after her. Don't waste your time. Try to develop another relationship with someone else.


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