Our landlady owes us money

November 12, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I need your advice on a rental agreement that was made on October 26. On that day, my babyfather and I handed over a deposit and the first month's rent and we got the keys.

However, on the 31st, we moved just the three pieces of the sofa, and that was it. The other portions of things were at the other place where we lived before. So we weren't totally moved out yet.

On Saturday, November 2, we tried taking around some other things, but because the baby was sick and I had been taking her to the doctor, we couldn't move everything.

She wasn't improving and on the Saturday morning while we were trying, she started to get worse (wheezing, uncontrollable coughing and vomiting).

My babyfather got upset, saying that he didn't want to move anymore and that I should ask the landlady for his money.

I called and I explained to her that the baby was sick and we needed to seek medical attention for our six-month-old child.

At that time on the phone, she agreed to give us back the money. She said we should give her little time to get somebody else to rent the place so that she would be able to give us back the money in full.

However, there was another woman involved; the woman who claimed she was an agent. I found out on Sunday that she was not a registered agent.

Somehow, the landlady gave her a commission and to my understanding, she told the landlady to only give us the deposit and not the first month's rent because we broke the contract.

On Sunday, they only returned $45,000. It is not written in the contract about breaking the contract, or whether we should be given back the money after six days, or they have a right to keep it.

What do you think, Pastor? What actions can we take? Please give me your opinion as soon as possible.

Thank you.


Dear R.P.,

I prefer not to comment on this matter. What I would suggest that you do, however, is that you seek the advice from an attorney-at-law.


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