Brother’s girlfriend wants me out of the house

November 19, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am 23 and I am living with my older brother and his girlfriend; they are 40 and 35, respectively.

We are not getting along. My father died and left this house for three of us, me and my two brothers.

We do not have any money to probate the will. My older brother is a good man, but his girlfriend does not like me at all.

She said that I am a woman and I must find a man and let him take me, but I am a Christian and I am not in that type of life. She has a five-year-old, but he lives with his grandmother.

Sometimes he comes to us on weekends. He comes into my room and lies down on my bed with his shoes on.

I told him he should take them off and I spoke to his mother about it. She cursed me and told me that it was because I didn't have children why I was so miserable.

My brother spoke to her about her behaviour and she says I was lying. Whenever my brother is at home she is very quiet but when he is not, she is always grumbling and 'throwing words'. One day I heard her say that the way I was going on, it looked like I wanted to be with my brother.

I told my brother I didn't have anywhere to go so he should tell her that if she couldn't behave and conduct herself as a lady, she should go back to her mother.

I would like to know how long it would take to get this house thing straighten out. I can't take it anymore.


Dear T.S.,

I am sorry to hear that your brother's girlfriend is behaving as a warmonger. Your brother has to defend you. Your father made a will.

Therefore, the executor is the one who is in charge and is responsible to have it probated. As such, you should discuss that with the executor and also with your brothers, especially the one with whom you are living.

You are going to need a lawyer, and the lawyer will tell you how much it would cost to probate.

Don't allow your brother's girlfriend to make you uncomfortable. Don't even think about leaving the house.

It is evident that she is not a good woman, and she has a filthy mouth. It is only a matter of time before your brother finds out that he has made a terrible mistake.

Keep strong. When this woman is 'throwing her word' and grumbling or saying nasty things, don't respond.


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