Atheist ex-husband is a child molester

November 21, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am still hurting to the bones but I try to pretend that I'm OK. I can't move on. I pray and cry every day but things keep standing in my way. My husband and I were together for 26 years.

He has turned into a demonic serpent. Many wicked things happened until he divorced me.

He got so many people involved, the police, probation officers, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, loan officers, and some wicked people from my area.

I am fighting a demonic battle but God is real and I hold on to him because if it wasn't for the Almighty, I would be left under the Earth long ago.

My ex-husband is a child molester, but I found out too late. He molested my daughter when she was eight and also his stepdaughter when she was 14.

She got pregnant and had a son. He also molested another 15-year-old. I have proof of all this.

Wicked things

My ex-husband has done some wicked things to me and I keep wondering what God is going to do with him and his followers.

He broke my rib and got the police and the medical department to write an incorrect report so that the police couldn't lock him up.

I have full proof of that report. If he had killed me, the police would protect him from prison. Money can do so much, but cannot buy life; it can take life.

Pastor, I cannot get over what this Lucifer man has done to me. I can't forget nor forgive, no matter how hard I try. Right now, new enemies have come on to the battlefield.

They are in touch with him. Money does a lot. My ex-husband is a 'lodge man' and he doesn't believe in God. He says there is no God.

He has now cuts off his long locks and is now going bald.

I am still in the matrimonial home with hopes of receiving my half of the house when it is sold. The matter is still in the court.

I have no light or water because he got them to cut it off. He cut off the water tank on the top of the roof. He let out every drop of water.

Pastor, it is too much. I am tired of crying. I can write a book. At my age, 64, I should be living a comfortable life.

But I thank God that I am alive. Bye for now and may God bless and keep you to do your good work of helping people. Please pray for me.


Dear S.C.,

I will be praying for you, and I hope that you will receive justice. You have accused your ex-husband of committing abominable acts.

If he is guilty as you have alleged, how come he was not tried and sentenced to prison? I know you blame officials for covering up his dirty deeds, but it would be difficult for me to accept that everybody is bamboozled by this man.

It is not fair to these professionals for you to accuse them of trying to shelter the bad deeds of your husband.

What happened to your lawyer? Did he/she not fight for you in court? I assure you of my prayers and that is all I can do.


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