Homewreckers will face God’s judgement

November 22, 2019

Dear Pastor,

There is a man and his daughter who were living at the same place. The daughter took away another woman's husband and she brought him to live in her father's house. This married man is wild. His wife could not bear the life he was living, so this man's daughter took him.

They were living together for a long while and he started to live the same life he was living with his wife, and the girl could not take it. So, she decided to leave him.

The man came home and saw her packing and, right before her father, he shot her dead. I want women and men who have people's husband and wives to stop it because destruction is going to take them. It is an abomination to take away a woman's husband.

This woman has children and they are crying out to God. Some women are going to die like this woman, from gunshot, cancer, AIDS, sickness.

These women and men don't have any shame. They should marry and live a decent life.

The women who take away men from their wives are not wife material.

Men don't want them to be wives; they only want them for bed use. When men go home, these women don't have anyone to stay with them. I know lots of men and women who are going through these things.


The children need their fathers. The money these women take away to buy wig, fingernails and make-up to go to club and motel, one of these days they are not going to reach the motel, and they may never reach home. The eye water of the children and wife are going to be on you.

Many men and women are at home suffering for these things that they have done to others. They don't want to come out and talk about it. Many accidents have happened on the road and these people die like dogs. It is the result of the life they lived.

Pastor, if you don't publish this letter as it is, God is going to hold you responsible. I would like these women who are stealing husbands, and husbands who are stealing wives, to stop doing these things.

God is sending a message to warn some of these people. I am a child of God.


Dear Writer,

Concerning the person you said was killed, if you have information about that murder, you should report it to the police. You must not engage yourself in any way in propaganda. I repeat, if you have information, go to the police.

You say you are a child of God. I expect you, therefore, to be a responsible person and not to be involved in spreading rumour of any kind.

You say that you are giving a warning to all men and women who are not walking uprightly. You have written to me a very long letter, but I have deleted much of it. I thank you for writing, and I hope that you would pray for all men and women and that you would not condemn anyone, because you cannot see the heart of anyone.

Remember, the Bible says that " man looks at the outward parents of man, but God sees the heart ." And Jesus says, " He who is without sin should cast the first stone. " Therefore, my sister, let us pray for each other.


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