Evil forces holding me back

November 27, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I have been reading your column in THE STAR for a long time.

I was born in Jamaica and live in a residential area. I was sponsored to come to the United States by my mother, who has been here for a long time.

When I first came here in 1997, the first couple of years were good.

In 1997, I moved to New Jersey and that's when my life changed. Since I came here, everywhere I have lived, 'they' have worked evil on me in my job.

I have been in many good jobs and places to live and all they did was work evil and got me out, and it has always been my neighbours.

I worked and bought my trailer and they damaged it. I fixed it, but I had to keep on spending money.

They don't work and everything you do, they behave as if you and them are in competition.

If someone comes to visit you, they have to get someone to visit them too. Everywhere I live, all they do is work evil.

Since I came to the US, I have moved to more than 100 places. Every minute I had to move and had to start all over again, which caused me to break down and not reach anywhere.

When I was in Jamaica, I never heard of storage and shelter because I lived in a stable home.

If you come here and live in the biggest house, they work evil and get you out and set it up that you must go and live in a shelter.

And it doesn't matter if you know good people, none of them are helping you.

Here in the US, you can't find a good man. I have experienced that since I have been here from 1997. It couldn't have been worse.

You cannot live in a stable place all the time. You have to move and everywhere is the same thing repeatedly. I used to have a good boyfriend in Jamaica.

I haven't had any visions since I have been here and I wouldn't encourage anyone to come to the US because all I see here is pure evil workers who do not want you to prosper and better your life.

I have never come across any evil workers while I was in Jamaica. They don't have time for that; everyone is good to one another. I would love to hear your response.


Dear J.H.,

To cut a long story short, what you are saying is that 'duppy de pon yuh'. And it is following you everywhere you turn. Poor soul.

I am concerned because as I read your letter, I observed that you are blaming others for all you problems, and you do not believe that you might have made mistakes at all.

I hope that you would not consider me rude and out of order, but if life in the US is so bad, why don't you return to Jamaica, the land of your birth?

You say that you did not have it so hard when you lived in Jamaica. So, if everybody hates you in the US, and if everywhere you turn 'macka jooking you', come home.

In the meantime, however, I suggest that you talk to God about all your problems. Start reading your Bible and pray and go to church.

I further suggest that you consider calling a family counsellor and go to see him/her for counselling.


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