HE IS BREAKING UP WITH HIS WIFE - ...And has asked me to marry him

November 29, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to you for advice. I am from the country. I am really a country girl. I have four sisters and two brothers. My parents are farmers. I attended high school and I got pregnant just before graduation.

The man who got me pregnant begged me not to call his name, but I had to tell my parents that he was married. I knew he was but I loved him so much; words can't explain. To this day I still love him.

I was supposed to be the one in the family to really shine and to become a doctor. When my father heard that I was pregnant for a married man, he cursed and called me a dog. I cried for weeks when my father called me a dog. But now when I see him playing with his grandson, I feel happy.

Here is the big issue I am faced with the father of my son. He and his wife are getting a divorce. This breaking up has nothing to do with me. He asked me if I would consider marrying him. He and his wife had moved to America but they are not getting along.

I have had relationships, but I am presently single. I don't know what to do. I have gone to college and I have a good job, but no good man. What should I do? Should I accept this man's proposal and marry him? Please, I will be looking in the Star for an answer from you.


Dear F.G

This is not an unusual case. You have said that you have always loved your child's father. Although he was married and living in America, you still loved him. And now he is getting a divorce and wants to marry you. Wow!

I believe that you had nothing to do with the breaking up of his marriage, but why are they getting a divorce? Have you asked him?

I suggested that you discuss this proposal with your parents. I know you are a grown woman and you can make your own decision. But it would not hurt to get their impact. My gut feeling is that you want to accept this man's proposal. So I say to you, go for it.


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