My ex boyfriend keeps crying over me

November 29, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I have a big problem. My ex-boyfriend cannot accept the fact that I have left him. I left him for many reasons. I have moved on, and I'm engaged, but my problem is that I'm about to lose my fiance because of my ex-boyfriend. He keeps showing up at my home begging me to take him back.

My fiance is overseas and will be coming in a few days. I told him about the issue with my ex-boyfriend. I even lied to him, but he found out. I'm not involved with my ex-boyfriend in any way, but sometimes when he showed up, I didn't tell my man. This issue with my ex-boyfriend is causing a big problem with my man and my relationship.

I have tried everything, and I have told him that I don't want him back, but he keeps coming back. He's not eating. All he does is drink, cry, and smoke because he can't get over me. We have a daughter together. I don't know what will happen when my man comes in a week's time if he keeps on showing up like that. I don't know if my relationship with my man will last because of him.

Please, give me your advice. I don't want to lose my man.


Dear Z.A.,

I suggest that you take out a restraining order against your child's father. He does not want to accept the fact that the intimate relationship between the both of you has come to an end. He cannot stand the loss, so he is trying his best to convince you that you should come back to him and that all would be well if you did. He does not plan to stop harassing you, and he is hoping that you will give in.

You may consult a lawyer or, if you feel that you cannot afford one, go to the clerk of court and have him or her assist you in getting a restraining order against this man. I wish you well.


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