There are many sides to love

December 03, 2019

Dear Pastor,

Love is blind as the saying goes. People will tell a man or woman 'don't go with that person', but because of love, they do.

After a time, they will see what the person is made of. God has nothing to do with it. It is our mistake.

Anyone who does not take care of their parents, especially when they know that their parents took care of them, that will come back to bite them.

If they have children, the children will treat them the same way they treated their parents, and if they have no children, they will feel it themselves.

To make it worse, they might have no money to take care of themselves. It is a lesson for us all.

Dear M,

I agree with you. People should be careful not to get involved in other people's relationships.

A man or woman who is not genuine will fool his or her partner for a time, but that relationship will not work. So I agree with what you have said.

Concerning parental care, too often, parents who do not take care of their children when they were young, tend to try to get close to them when the children are older and have done well in life.

They may try to do so because they need their help, but some of these children are not very forgiving. They reject their parents by reminding them that they were not good to them.

I always encourage children to do their best, and if they are in a position to do so, they should make every effort to support their parents.


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