Men, women don’t respect each other

January 15, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I just want to let you know that men and women are very disrespectful to each other. Women have the nastiest words in their mouths to tell their men.

I believe that is causing most of the crime today in our country. Jamaican men don't like to be disrespected.


Dear P.W.,

It is sad that some couples have not learnt to respect each other. Some women are always threatening their men and warning that they would kill them.

When two people are not getting along, they should seek the help of a family counsellor, but some men think that to agree to that shows weakness.

So they say that the counsellor cannot tell them what to do.

It takes a big man, an intelligent man, to go with his spouse to see a counsellor because with professional help, much of the problems that cause break-up of the family could have been resolved, if couples would only respect each other and subject themselves to counselling.

No woman knows everything and no man knows everything. We learn as we grow older together.

I don't care who the man or woman is, every relationship from time to time needs the help of others to help to strengthen it.


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