Sugar daddy afraid I want to leave him

February 10, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am 25 and I am having a problem. My boyfriend is 55. He sent me to university. He paid for everything, and he also bought me a car. I love this man so much. He has two children.

One of them is only two years younger than I am. He told them that they should respect me because they mean much to him, but in a special way, I do, too.

I promised him five years ago that I would never cheat on him or leave him.

Now, Pastor, I want to go abroad to study and he is telling me that I should stay with him for one more year.

I don't want this opportunity to pass me because I was offered help abroad by a couple who came to Jamaica.

When they saw how hard I worked, they told me that they would do their best to assist me. I have not changed my mind about this man.

But every time I talk about leaving, I can see that he is grieving; he becomes very sad. He feels that when I go I will not come back to him.

But I will not be ungrateful. I am only leaving for a season. Do you think I should still go even if he objects?

Initial withheld

Dear Writer,

You have promised this man that you would be true to him. If you break your promise, this man cannot do anything about it. It might or might not live on your conscience.

You are grateful to him for the wonderful assistance he has given to you. I cannot tell you that you should not go to further your education. I can only wish you well.


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