Boyfriend says I’m not having enough sex

February 11, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am 17 years old and I have a boyfriend. He is 20. My mother became pregnant with me when she was 18 years old.

Pastor, every day she is warning me about boyfriends. When I had sex for the first time, I did it because all my friends were saying that sex was nice.

I had sex for the first time with a big man who was twice my age. It was Valentine's Day and I was alone at home. He picked me up and took me to buy chicken and chips.

My mother had gone out with her boyfriend.

We were not away for more than two hours and we had sex in his car. Before he dropped me off, he gave me a box with perfume, powder, and other things, along with a cell phone.

I did not even know when my mother came home. It was the phone that woke me up. When she heard the phone ringing, she came into my room and asked me how come I had a phone, and I told her that it was my aunt who gave it to me, and she said I was lucky, and she went back to bed.

Every time this guy met with me, he wanted sex, and he did not want to use a condom. So we broke up. He asked me to give him back the phone, but I did not.

All the guys that I have had sex with are older than I. My present boyfriend is a Rasta, and he is helping me. I am slow in math, so he helps me with it.

He has a girlfriend, and she asked me if we were friends, and I told her yes but not in a sexual way. I love to have sex with him.

He uses a condom all the time.

I would like to be a journalist.

Sometimes I suffer from headaches, and my boyfriend tells me that it is because I am not having enough sex. Pastor, is that true?


Dear E.R.,

You said that you are 17 years old and you have had different men. All these guys have had sex with you. Your present boyfriend is a Rasta.

He helps you with math and both of you have been having sex. He couldn't be short of sex because he has another girlfriend.

What he is trying to tell you is that he wants more sex from you as payment for assisting you with math.

He is fooling you when he tells you that the reason why you are suffering from headache is your lack of sex. He is lying.

Guys use that on girls all the time when they want to go to bed with them. Don't believe his lies.

Even if I were to tell you that you should not have sex with him, you are going to because you feel obligated to him.

I beg you, however, not to be careless, and if you feel that you must have sex, please protect yourself. Do not have unprotected sex.


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