Haunted by woman of my past

March 02, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I need your advice, please. I was in a relationship with a girl and I decided to walk away almost a year now. I am 47 years old and she's 30 years of age. I am currently in another relationship, but she won't stop calling, texting, and also sending threats, saying that I can't come back to Jamaica.

She messages my wife on Instagram, telling her that she is going to throw acid at her whenever she sees her in Jamaica. She said she is going to sleep with a police so he can kill me if I return to Jamaica.

I really don't know what to do with this girl. I blocked her from all my social media pages she won't stop making fake pages to stalk me and my family. I have kids in Jamaica, so I normally visit once per year. I have dual citizenship, so I don't take these threats very lightly. She is employed at a well-known organisation. She lives in a depressed area.

I went to the embassy here and they said they will contact the Jamaican Embassy. I don't believe she's in her right mind to be taking care of kids.

I am going to contact the supervisor of the company she works, because I have kids in Jamaica and she's very violent and dangerous, so I choose to do this the legal way. I realise that lots of women in Jamaica have been killed, and I don't want the devil to tempt me to do the wrong thing, so I need your advice, please.


Dear S.S,

I am glad she did not mention the name of the police officer she would be sleeping with. Some policemen are not even aware of what women say they are doing or they could do. This woman might just be saying things to scare you. Not every policeman is bad.

You should have known the type of woman you were going to bed with. You are blaming her now, and you think that she is crazy. But don't you know you should have checked the character of this woman before becoming intimate with her. She is using social media to threaten your wife and yourself. I hope that you would be wise enough to save all the threats she has made and that you would be careful of what you say to her. You may need what she has threatened you to do should this matter go to court.

You talked about reporting her to the organisation where she works. I would not encourage you to do so. Learn this, my brother, don't take bread out of anyone's mouth. It is not for you to try and get this woman to lose her job because of her behaviour. Let the woman stay in her job. Where she is working has nothing to do with the relationship that both of you have had. So, do not do anything to cause her to lose her job.

You said you went to the embassy. What are you trying to say? Are you trying to prevent the American Embassy from granting her a visa? You are a grown man; don't go toe to toe with a woman. What I will suggest that you do is speak to a lawyer in Jamaica about the problems you are having with this woman.

Make sure that you do not do anything stupid because of her.


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