Ex-husband still living in my house

March 10, 2020

Dear Pastor,

When I first met my husband, he told me I was his soulmate and the love of his life. I used to believe him. After I returned to the US, he told me that as long as it took, he would wait for me.

He was waiting, but having fun with other women. After he came to the US and he started going back to Jamaica on vacations, I was thinking that he was staying with his family.

But he was staying with one of his old girlfriends.

I became very angry, and I told him that I could not continue to live with him. We had a big argument and he was out of my house for two months.

He rented a room at another place, but he came to my house begging me to forgive him. I took him back, but I could not trust him anymore.

He did things that I cannot discuss. So, I divorced him about four years ago. But he will not leave my house. He is still here.

I caught him talking to a woman in New York. He knew her from when they were living in Jamaica. They reunited on Facebook and everything he tells her she believes him, just like I used to.

Guess what? He is leaving my bed to hers and she knows this. They talk every day, three to four times per day. She sends him large sums of money.

He said that they are buying a house in Queens, New York. But he swears to God that he is going to stay with his cousin in Connecticut.

He says he doesn't want to move in with anyone now, but they are planning to rent the upstairs of the house. She is stuck with him now.

She loves the lies

She loves all his lies, and she will do anything to keep him.

If she thinks she is the only one who has him, she could keep on dreaming. He will never have one woman in his life. He has another woman in England. They talk every morning.

He also has two women in Jamaica, and has the nerve to ask me if I am sure I want him to go.

He said I should remember that I was the one who wanted him to go, and that I told him that I could do better, and that I was too much of a good person for him.

The time has come for me to love myself, go deeper into my church, and travel, and forget about this pathological liar. He lies so much that he believes that he is speaking the truth when he is lying, and that is dangerous.

The other woman is going to say he will not do that to her. I gave him everything he wanted. One cannot satisfy a man who has 'white liver'.

But when you are already hooked with a man, you give him money, plus allow him to put his signature on your stuff. That is why he has to go.

He wants a woman to do everything for him while he hides his money, and even when he gives you something, he is still hiding.


Dear M.,

This man is not only a pathological liar, he is a deceiver. Although you have divorced him, he evidently has something over you because you are still allowing him to live in your house.

But, you know that no woman should ever trust this man, and it is only a matter of time before he will totally destroy himself.

I wish that the other women would find out the type of liar that they are talking to.

One cannot blame the women, because this man has an oily tongue and he is very convincing.

But one of these days this man will crash. Just as how you found him out to be a snake in the grass, the other women will find him out, too.

Even if you had an opportunity to warn these women about him, they will not believe because he has already convinced them that the fault is with you, and that you are only saying negative things about him because he is leaving you. How sad! Make sure this man has not put you in debt, and make sure you remove his name from everything that you co-own. Do so while you have time.


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