Rastaman conned my friend

March 10, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am a regular visitor to Jamaica and I was introduced to your column by another visitor, who confided in me that was the fourth time she was visiting.

But this visit was a surprise intended for a man she thought she fell in love with on a previous visit. Now that she was back, she was having second thoughts because she found out that he had a permanent girlfriend and he stayed with her sometimes.

It was the people at the hotel who told her that the guy had other women and he sometimes moved around with one of them.

She said that she sends him money often and she believes that he is using her money to help to support his lifestyle. She is a nurse and she works very hard. She has been married twice and has three children.

This guy is a Rastafarian and he has agreed to marry her, but the news she is hearing about him is not encouraging. When she asked him about what she heard, he denied everything and said whoever told her these things about him didn't like him.

She insisted that he should take her to where he lived and he was reluctant, but finally decided to do so. He asked her why she wanted to go to the house; he did not want to take her, but eventually did.

He was supposed to be living with his mother, but he had his own room. She went into his room and the first thing she saw in his clothes closet was two dresses.

Not his mom's clothes

They did not belong to his mother because his mother is very plump. Then she observed two pairs of women's shoes, and in his drawer were women's panties.

She told him that she had seen enough and he begged her repeatedly to forgive him. Those clothes belonged to his babymother.

That was the first time she was hearing that he had a babymother. She told me she did not know what to do because many of her friends in the US told her that she should not trust Jamaican men.

I told her that I have a Jamaican man and so far, everything is going OK with our relationship. Do you think I should have told her to leave the guy?


Dear R.M.,

You did the correct thing by not telling her to leave her boyfriend. You were keeping your nose clean, so to speak.

That is a decision she should make on her own.

Evidently, she suspected that something was wrong, and that is why she did not inform him that she was coming to Jamaica. He did not tell her he had a babymother.

Perhaps he felt that if he had told her, she would not want to marry him. Some guys will always get into trouble with American women because many establish relationships with these women just because they can get financial help from them.

Some of these women who give the financial help are very rough and not always willing to forgive the men, especially when the women catch them lying.

I have said before, and I repeat, whether the men come from Jamaica or from any other parts of the world, if they are liars, they are just liars.

Jamaican men are no different from other liars.

I hope that the relationship that you have established with your man will last for a very long time, and I hope you will always tell him the truth and he will do likewise.


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