She only married me for my money

March 11, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am 70 years old. You officiated at my wedding 20 years ago. When we came to see you, you asked me whether I was sure I should marry this woman because she was much younger than myself.

I told you I was sure. I was living in New York. We got married. I went back to New York and after 15 months, she joined me there. I did not know that she had a boyfriend in Jamaica.

She got a job and was working. I was paying all the bills as before. She used to send money for the guy. She pretended that the money was for her mother.

One of my sisters told me that my wife was fooling me. I spoke to her and I told her that my sister heard that this guy was getting money from her.

She said she sends the money to him to give to her mother. I attend church and I tried to get her to go to church with me, but she was not interested.

She learnt hairdressing and every day she told me that I was too old for her and she made a mistake by marrying me. I love this girl.

I have two houses, one we live in and one I rent out. She wanted me to give her the house that I rent, but I told her no way; that house is for my daughter.

Her co-workers used to advise her. Now that she sees that her plans cannot work, she told me she was leaving.

The young man she used to send money to is now in the US, and they are living together. Finally, I divorced her. But I have a new woman who is in her 60s.

She has been married twice, but both of her husbands are dead. She is living in Jamaica. I am coming to Jamaica and we will come to see you because we would like you to marry us.

I hope that I have better luck this time.


Dear K.L.,

There are times when much younger women marry older men because the love that they have for them is real and the women are genuine.

But very often the women are not genuine; they are looking for a ticket to the US or to another country. But the men do not use common sense.

They feel that young girls truly love them and they will be faithful to them. But that is not always true. It is so very sad to see older men suffer after they have spent so much money on young women.

This woman told you that you are old. She didn't say that when you proposed to her and when you married her. But now that she has achieved what she wanted, you have suddenly become old.

I hope you are not fretting over the amount of money you have spent on her. You would not only survive, but you would get ahead.

You say you are now in love with a woman who is in her 60s and you would like to marry her. I hope this woman loves you and I hope you love her.

You must spend some time in Jamaica and get to know this woman before you plunge into marriage. Remember, you are 70, so you need to be so careful that you don't make another mistake.

Discuss your plans with you children. They can't decide for you, but believe me, you are going to need your children so talk to them. I am very much here and I am willing to help you.

If you are sure you are willing to marry again, you may call my office at 876- 929-1667 and make an appointment to see me.


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