This girl is taking me for a fool

March 20, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I met this beautiful girl in 2019. We started dating but we live in different parishes. We have never had sex. She is 20 and I am 28.

Each time we make plans for us to be together, on the day she should visit, she always has an excuse for not meeting with me.

In December, she promised to meet with me three times in one week. I had so many plans for us and I spent plenty of cash to buy gifts for her.

I still have them. I am planning to give them away. Since 2020, this girl has been doing the same thing to me.

My birthday was in February and she texted me "happy birthday." She did not make any plans for us to see each other.

I am pretty well off. I can grant her wishes without any problem for cash. But she has not collected the things that I have bought. She just does not show up for them.

So I have stopped wasting my cash. She would ask for cash to be sent to her. But since our parishes are neighbouring parishes, I often suggest that she should come for the cash.

But she is always refusing to come, so I keep my cash.

I travel pretty often. I recently visited one of my past girlfriends. But before leaving the island, I wanted to leave some cash for my girlfriend.

I told her to meet me at a certain place and she agreed. The next day she told me she had to go to the Bahamas because her brother was ill, so she had to help to take care of his children.

Pastor, although I believed that she was lying, I played along because I expected her to come up with another excuse. I left it at that, but I flew out the following day.

I visited my ex-girlfriend who is also my best friend. She is a wealthy woman and it is because of her why my bank account is so heavy.


She is very kind to me and I don't have to do anything.

On my visit, my ex gave me cash to purchase a car as a belated birthday gift. When I returned to Jamaica, my girlfriend suggested that I send some money to her.

I told her that she should collect it in person; she came up with another excuse. Presently she is running a bar. This girl is one of the greatest liars that I have ever met. She lies for no reason at all.

Now we are not getting along because I told her that I do not do oral sex. She asked me if I would have sex with her during her period.

I told her that would be nasty and I am not a freaky type of man. So, I think that these are the main reasons why we haven't had sex.

Pastor, please let me know what you think.


Dear K.J.,

You have said many things about this woman. But from the beginning of this relationship, you should have known that she didn't think much of you.

She has never really loved you. She was never interested in you. What this woman wanted from you was money.

You have bought her gifts and you have tried to get her to meet with you for these gifts, but instead she has always told you to send her money to her account.

You wanted her to come to see you, but she was playing tricks on you. You caught on eventually, but by that time you had spent a lot of money.

You called her a liar and it seems that she is a liar indeed. You say both of you have a big issue over sex.

Why did she mention about having sex while the woman is menstruating? Perhaps this girl said these things to get rid of you.

You talk about having an ex who lives abroad. It seems to me that both of you still love each other. You probably should try and renew that relationship and forget this 20-year-old.


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