Liar trying to break up me and my boyfriend

March 23, 2020

Dear Pastor,

A couple of years ago, I met a man. We hired him to take our brother and his family to Montego Bay. I went with them and on our way back to Kingston, he told me how attractive I was.

He wanted to know if I had a boyfriend. I told him yes, but he was abroad studying. He asked me if I did not feel lonely.

I told him I missed my boyfriend, but I was not so lonely that I would want someone to take his place.

I asked him if he had a woman and he said 'not right now'. He took me home and I told him thanks. We exchanged numbers and every day he called me; we eventually became friends.

It started out as social friends and then it got serious. When I saw that the relationship was getting serious, I told him that I was not interested because my boyfriend and I were planning to get married. The man would not leave me alone.

I told my boyfriend about him, and my boyfriend called him and told him to leave me alone. This man is determined to break up my relationship with my boyfriend, so he lied and told my boyfriend that he and I had sex and that I told him that my boyfriend's penis is too short.

This man and I have never had sex. I cried when my boyfriend told me what this man said. Now he is saying that my boyfriend lied to me because he never told my boyfriend that we had sex.

When I hear how my boyfriend is talking, he has a doubt in his mind about me. He keeps asking me why this man would say these things if he did not have anything to do with me.

Pastor, tell me something I could tell my boyfriend that would make him believe me.


Dear F.J.,

This man is very wicked. He is trying everything in his power to destroy the relationship you have with your boyfriend.

He knows that the both of you have not had sex, but he is using that to turn your boyfriend's mind against you.

Your boyfriend doesn't expect you to go with another man. On the other hand, he is wondering whether you have betrayed his trust, because it is very common for women to become involved sexually with other men.

I wish I could tell you something that would convince your boyfriend to believe you, but I am afraid I can't. I know you can shed tears, but I doubt that will convince your boyfriend that you are speaking the truth.

I hope that you would never have anything to do with this man. Leave everything in God's hand. If it is God's will for you to marry your boyfriend, God will work it out for you.


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