My American girl neither cooks nor cleans

April 02, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am a 26-year-old man living in America. My mother was born in Jamaica but my father is American-born. He said he married my mother because of her good cooking. My father has seven children and he supported all of them. He even had two children after he married my mother.

When some of her friends asked my mother why she did not divorce my father, she told them that he always told her the truth.

She also said that he loved women and he was a 'hard rider', so she could imagine the pressure the outside women endured.

My father does not drink or smoke. His weakness is women. He once warned me not to have sex with a prostitute. He has never gone with a prostitute, he said. He got women by sweet-talking them and by dressing.

I am not as fortunate as my father. My mother is faithful to him. For three years I have been with this woman. She is two years older than I am and she has two children. She tried to get me to live with her, but I refused. She is not tidy. She does not keep her house clean. Dirty dishes are always in the sink for days. She is always broke and she gets support for the children. Since we have been friends, I have only got three home-cooked meals from her.

I went to Jamaica in December 2019 and I met a young woman there. It was love at first sight. She is half-Indian and she is hot. I went to her apartment and the place was clean and well kept. She is two years younger than I am and I fell in love with her. She broke up with her jealous boyfriend one year ago. She is not interested in him anymore, but he wants her back.

I told my girlfriend here in America that I am moving on, and suddenly she cannot be nicer to me and she is promising to keep her place clean and to cook. Do you believe that I am making the right decision to leave her? This girl in Jamaica has never asked me for money. I am impressed with her.


Dear H.G.,

Your father has a very good Jamaican wife. He is a blessed man. And your mother is a wise woman. But I will say no more on that.

Concerning your American woman, I hope you would shut down this relationship with her. She is not wife material, so to speak. You should respectfully insist that you are moving on. End the relationship, and do so now. And don't look back.

You recently met this beautiful Jamaican woman. Be wise; treat her well. I must tell you, sir, any woman who does not ask a man for money soon after meeting him is a wise woman. Don't rush into marriage. Allow the relationship to mature, but don't wait too long to marry her. You may lose her. Remember, you are not the only man who sees her and can imagine that she is hot. I wish you well.


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