Store worker was very rude

May 21, 2020

Dear Pastor,

A few weeks ago I went to one of the shops in Ocho Rios for toiletries and I got the scare of my life. There was a young assistant at the entrance who was pushing something towards my face. I was annoyed.

I asked her what the hell she was pushing in my face. She replied that she was taking my temperature. Oh, my God. I said if my temperature was not high, she would have caused it to become high because she should have warned me before trying to take my temperature.

I find that many assistants do not have proper training, as that was very disrespectful. When I walked into the shop, I should have been told that my temperature would be tested.

I should have been given the choice to say yes or no, rather than scaring people like me. Anyway, that's all I wanted to say.


Dear V,

I am sure the worker at the supermarket meant no harm. She thought she was carrying out instructions, but you were very displeased and thought she was rude. I hope you understand that you were not singled out.

Everybody is expected to cooperate as much as possible as this coronavirus has caused so much havoc in society. But thank you for expressing your disgust.

I beg that you forgive the young woman, who was only trying to carry out instructions from those who are over her on the job.


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