Sex-crazed woman wrecks living room

May 26, 2020

Dear Pastor

I listen to your show every night. The Bible tells us that he that keepeth his tongue, keepeth his life.

I think the greatest temptation that men face in life is sexual temptation. And I also think that the greatest temptation that women face is monetary temptation and cheating.


Dear C.,

The Bible does say that the person who keeps his mouth, keeps his life. There are some people who talk too much, and they are always meddling in other people's business. They know other people's business more than their own. And some of them get into serious trouble.

The Bible says there is a time to speak and a time to be silent, but some people are always talking, and they hold nothing in confidence, and they cannot be trusted, and people who are always talking lie a lot.

Men do have a stronger sex drive than women, but there are times when one wonders why some women love so much sex that their men cannot keep up with them.

Let me try and explain what I mean. Sometime ago in a counselling session, a Christian couple was talking to me, and the gentleman was in his 40s and he complained that his wife did not give him a break. She wanted to have sex every night, and he would beg her to let him rest.

But she wouldn't, and she would not go to sleep until he complied. He went on to say that one day he got up and she started running him down the house just for sex, and there were things in the living room that she destroyed just because she felt that her husband was punishing her by not having sex with her, and he told me that he wasn't punishing her, he just felt very tired.

I could tell you another story that a husband told me: that sex for his wife was just routine. It is an every-night thing, and his wife initiates it. And if he would not do it, she would become very annoyed. So there you go. While I agree with you that men love sex and the temptation is strong, there are some women whose drives are just as strong as men.

Now, concerning women and money, women love money. A man without money is in bad shape. His woman looks forward to receiving money from him whether it is every week, every fortnight, or monthly and even if she is employed and earning her money she still wants money from her man. And women openly say that they would cheat on their men if their men won't give them money.

It is wrong for women to think that way, but it is reality.


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