My man used my car to catch women

June 29, 2020

Dear Pastor,

This is the first time I am writing to you and I need your help. I am in love with a Jamaican man but I am living in New York. Two years ago I came to Jamaica and fell in love with this man and I am stuck with him. He was not working and I put myself into great debt for him.

I sent him money to buy a car to run as taxi. But instead of running it as a taxi, he was running it to catch women. That is what his sister told me. His sister also told me that he got one of the girls pregnant. I was very disappointed in him so I called him and asked him, and he said his name was called but it is not his child.

I asked him why he had to do that to me. He said that I should not fret because he is not the father of the child. Then I asked him if he had sex with the girl and he said yes, but he did not discharge in her. I told him that I wanted to get the girl's number but he refused to give it to me.

His sister told me that he is lying because the girl told her that he is the father of the child because she did not go to bed with any other man but him. The car that we bought cost over $1 million. We had an understanding that I would come back to Jamaica and marry him and file for him to join me in America. If he is the father of this child I will not marry him because I was married before and I have three children but now I am divorced. And this man made me fall in love with him and I withdrew my savings and borrowed money to buy him this car. As I write you this letter I am crying inside.

I don't want this man if he got that girl pregnant. I will forgive him for having sex with her because I am not around to give him what he wants and he is a man. But to get her pregnant is a no-no. I do not want any woman to come between us.


I told him to sell the car and give me back my money. When I told my parents that I had met this Jamaican man and I fell in love with him, they warned me about that type of relationship. What do you think that I should do? I am eager to hear from you.


Dear F.,

I hope that you would get back your money from this man. He is an irresponsible man. I am sure that you told him that you have made a great sacrifice to get this money to send to him to buy a car. He was not working and instead of doing his best, he allowed himself to be carried away with other women and he got one of them pregnant.

I do not believe his sister is lying on him, she is angry. She knows that he has not been wise in the way he has conducted himself. She likes you and that is another reason why she told you about the girl and himself. You should encourage him to support the child when he or she is born. But I can't encourage you to go through with the marriage because of the reasons you have given. You were married and now you are divorced and you wanted to start a new life with this man.

He should not be allowed to make a fool of you.

Let him sell the car and give you back your money. I wish you well.


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