Wife’s aunt caused me to cheat on her

July 08, 2020

Dear Pastor,

This is my first time writing to you. I am 33 years old and I have been married to a woman who was living with her extended family. We have been together for six years but only been married for three years.

Before our marriage, we never had a problem where infidelity was concern, because I love this woman. I am a hard-working man and I try my best to ensure that this young woman has the most comfortable life she could.

But the only problem was her people. Somehow, I couldn't get along with them because they always seem to be envious.

About a year into our marriage, I found myself sleeping with any and everyone at my workplace and other organisations. My wife found out about the multiple women and cried over and over.

Each time I would say it was the last time, and I would promise that it wouldn't happen again. And a week after that, we were back to square one.

My wife was on the thicker side and by the second year in our marriage, she was as thin as a needle. But I couldn't stop.

She ended up filing for a divorce in the third year, which was a devastating year for me because I love this woman and I managed to mess things up.

I've tried my best to keep in touch by calling and checking up on her, because even though we weren't sleeping together, we still managed to be cordial to each other.

The funny part was how happy this particular aunt was after she heard we weren't together anymore. My wife had a friend who invited her to church one Sunday and there was a woman at the altar praying.

In her prayer, she suddenly called my wife's name without knowing who she was. But she called her name twice, and that's when my wife stood up.

The woman took her to a room and told her how much bad stuff her aunty and cousin did to her, and were still doing.


It's because of them why my wife couldn't have children; it's because of them why I couldn't stop cheating. Pastor, the 'prayer woman' touched my wife's belly and she immediately started to vomit.

But, Pastor, after that incident, my wife started to go to church. We decided to work on our marriage, and she's currently pregnant.

Pastor, the reason why I am writing to you is because I'm thinking to have the aunt punished for all she has done to me and my wife. I need your advise on the matter.


Dear J.D.,

What I cannot fathom is that you are blaming your wife's aunt for causing you to cheat on her with multiple sex partners. At the same time, you are declaring that you love your wife. That does not make sense.

You love her, yet you hurt her so much that she lost weight. The truth is that you are trying to make excuses for your infidelities. What you have said can only be described as rubbish. You know you are not talking the truth.

This thing about going to church and hearing somebody calling the name of your wife is nonsense. You believe that your wife's aunt was probably working obeah on you.

You are very fortunate to have your wife back in your life, and I hope that you will stop playing the fool and treat her right. Please stop blaming others for your unfaithfulness.

I hope that your wife will have a safe delivery and that you will support your child, when he or she is born, and take good care of your wife.

I hope that you have already asked your wife to forgive you for all the pain and suffering you have caused her.


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