Some men can be very boring in bed

July 14, 2020

Dear Pastor,

Some women want men with money and who can give them good sex. If I have a good man and he cannot perform sexually, I would not cheat on him because it is not only one way to have sex.

Some men can be very boring in bed. The women have to do all the work to satisfy themself, but if a man is taking care of you financially, that is fine.


Dear D.,

You have declared your position. If your man can support you, meet all your financial needs, you will compromise when it comes to the matter of sex. You will not cheat on him because you know both of you can do different things to make you feel sexually satisfied.

Whenever a woman talks like that, as a counsellor, I am silent because the woman is not asking me any questions, she is making declarations.

She knows what she wants and what she can do, and no one should criticise her, not even the family counsellor.


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