He has a lovely woman but refuses to marry her

July 27, 2020

Dear Pastor

I am the mother of two children, one is five years old and the other is seven. I am living with their father. A better man than him I could not have. He meets my every need. He gave me a helper, and when I decided that I did not need a helper every day, we employed a lady as a day's worker. She works two times for the week, and if we have to go out, she babysits for us. Our children love her and they call her 'Aunty'. The only restriction we put on this woman is that she is not allowed to have her boyfriend come and sleep with her at our house.

My husband almost fired her because one day we came home and he smelt ganja. She had her boyfriend at the house and he was smoking, but as we came home we smelt it and she tried to deny that he was there. My husband was angry; I had to beg for her.

This woman is such a lovely person, but the man will not settle down with her. He has five children. He said God did not tell him to get married; he should just take a wife. He is always stalking her. I told her that she should leave him before she turns an old lady but she is afraid of him.


Dear J.B.,

I am glad that your husband did not fire the helper. Her boyfriend uses the weed, but he should not have smoked it at your house, which was wrong. It is not always easy to replace a good worker, so I am glad that she is still with you all. This young man is very fortunate to have a good woman and he should treat her well. If he does not marry her, he is likely to lose her. She is not going to remain with him as if she can't do better. She would get tired and move on.

Perhaps you, as a female, should have a quiet word with him on her behalf. He might be willing to marry her after listening to you.


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