Wife wants me to get circumcised

August 10, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am a 25-year-old male and I am uncircumcised. Since I got married, my wife has been encouraging me to get circumcised. I used to have sex with my girlfriends, but none of them had ever mentioned that to me.

My wife told me that we would enjoy sex more if I was circumcised. I have two brothers and they are not circumcised, either. I told them what my wife is saying to me and they said that they are suspicious of her.

They said that boy babies who were born in hospitals were circumcised at the request of their parents, but they don't see why, as a big man, I should be circumcised. I'll be buying THE STAR every day to see your answer.

Uncircumcised Male

Dear Uncircumcised Male,

For many years, people have differed whether there are benefits for a male to be circumcised. Let me quickly remind you what circumcision is: it is the removal of the foreskin of the penis, which leaves the glans exposed.

Circumcision was practised by the Jews as a religious custom. I read that "About 4,000 years ago, God commanded that the operation be done on the eighth day after birth day. Yet it is only in the last 20 years that this has been found to be the very day when blood-clotting and infection-preventing factors are the most favourable they will ever be in a baby's life. Today, however, the timing of this operation is not critical, because we have modern surgical instruments and drugs with which to avoid and control infections".

Some women prefer men who are not circumcised, while some rather men who are. There are reasons for both arguments, but it comes down to preference. If the foreskin is too tight, it might interfere with erection and intercourse.

However, some women will rather not have their men circumcised because they believe that uncircumcised men cause them to enjoy sex better. But I will leave that for another time.

You had no problem with women as an uncircumcised man before you were married, but your wife prefers if you are. So I suggest that you discuss this matter with your family doctor as soon as you can.


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