Don’t think my girlfriend loves me

August 12, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I have been dating a girl for the past seven months. We have gone out together many times. I have told her that I love her but she has never told me that she loves me.

All she wants is to have new this and new that. I have never met a girl like this. When I asked her if she loves me, she said that she does not have to tell me, I should see it.

But I don't see it. Every time I try to kiss her, she turns away her face. Do you think this girl has another man and is only with me because I can give her money?

Please let me hear your answer.


Dear A.H.,

You have been with this woman for seven months and both of you have gone on many dates, yet she has never told you that she loves you.

It is true that a woman might not have to tell the guy she loves that she loves him. But I believe that after seven months you should know.

She might not want to kiss you because a kiss can cause a person to become sexually aroused, and it can lead to sexual intercourse or heavy petting.

But nothing is wrong if a man tells a woman that he loves her or a woman tells a man that she loves him.

So you should use your head and don't allow this relationship to go much further without knowing whether or not this woman loves you.

Mark you, some people may think that seven months is too short a period for a woman to tell a man whether or not she loves him.


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