My husband has some crazy fetish

September 09, 2020

Dear Pastor

My husband and I are both Christians, we were married six months ago. We are still exploring and having fun with each other. We know another Christian couple in our age bracket and they told us that they like to make love and eat at the same time. We tried it a couple times but I do not care for it. My husband likes it, especially when we use ice cream.

It takes so much money to do my hair, and one day I came from the hairdresser and after spending so much money on my hair, my husband put fruit on my hair. I was upset with him. That night did not turn out so well because he spoiled my hairdo and I was planning to attend a wedding the following day. My husband said that he was more important than me attending a wedding.

I do not know how he did not get sick because he ate all the fruit from my hair. Pastor, is that right for my husband to do? My husband gave me money the following day to go to the hairdresser but it kept me back from attending the wedding on time.


Dear V.,

Couples have fun in different ways and if your husband did something in bed that you don't like, you should tell him. But having food in bed together might be very exciting to some couples. I do not believe you would have been worried if you didn't have to attend a wedding.

He chose the wrong evening to pour food on your hair. You thought he would've got ill, but I suppose he did that crazy thing because your hair was clean, having come from the hairdresser that very day. Do not make that bother you.


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