Pregnant and not in the mood for sex

September 09, 2020

Dear Pastor

I am 26 years old and I am five months pregnant. I no longer feel for sex and my husband is very frustrated. My husband has been very faithful to me, but one night we were in bed and he asked me for sex. He usually doesn't ask but I know when he wants it. So when he was trying to have sex and I resisted, he quietly asked me whether I would give him permission to have sexual intercourse with another woman. I was shocked because that was not something I expected him to ask.

Since that time I have tried to force myself to have sex with my husband just to please him. What I want to find out from you is whether it is normal for me not to want sex during my pregnancy.


Dear K.W.,

It is normal for a woman not to want to have sex during pregnancy. Some women would like to have sex every night if possible, but there are others who do not like to engage in sex. In fact, some do not even want to be touched by their men at all. Some find it distasteful to be having sex in the early stages of their pregnancy.

However, a woman has to be careful not to give her husband the impression that she is rejecting him. Therefore, she should learn the art of keeping him happy without penetration. She should hug him tightly, kiss him passionately, play with him and even cause him to ejaculate by masturbating him. Yes, there is a place for masturbation between a husband and wife.

There are some women who are afraid to have sex during pregnancy because they believe that the baby can be hurt, but the baby cannot be hurt because the baby is protected within the foetal sac.


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