My jealous girl beat up my friend

September 10, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am an outgoing guy. I am 23 years old. I have a girlfriend who is 18 years old but she is so jealous. Every girl I talk to, she accuses me of going to bed with them.

I told her that it's just me, and girls like me, but they can't get me away from her because I have chosen her.

I live with my grandmother, and my grandmother knows her so she can come to the house any time.

One Saturday afternoon, my grandmother had gone to choir practice. My girlfriend showed up and Pastor, I'm not telling you any lie or covering up anything.

The girl showed up and I was in the house with another girl. She decided to make trouble and started to question the girl, so I told her to cool it.

I had to be protecting the girl because she was scared. She grabbed after her and pulled out some of her hair.

I had to slap her hard for her to leave the girl alone. The girl and I were not doing anything, we were just chatting.

Every day now she is calling me and begging me to forgive her. I used to give her $5,000 every week, but I stopped. So she's calling me and asking me for money and telling me that she is sorry for what she did. She is the brawling type, but I always try to control her because I love her and she studies hard.

She is still going to school but I don't know if I can continue with her because she embarrassed me before my visitor, and now that I am not giving her any money, she calls me all different types of names. What should I do?


Dear F.R.,

You should have been much more careful because you know that your girlfriend is very jealous and she is always accusing you of having other girlfriends.

She has a terrible temper and she is aggressive. She decided to pay you a visit unannounced.

You were not able to explain what your female visitor was doing at your house, so she decided to give the girl a thrashing.

It is unfortunate that you had to slap your girlfriend to quiet her down. Now you are punishing her by not giving her weekly allowance.

But at this same time you are reluctant to end the relationship because you still love this young woman. You see her as someone who is special.

I see no reason why you cannot forgive her, if you can get her to understand that you must have female friends and that they're all platonic relationships.

You know that the $5,000 a week means a lot to her because it helps her to go to school.


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