Cousin’s husband wanted to sleep with me

September 11, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am 23 years old and I'm studying in Florida. I was living with my cousin, but I had to move out because her husband had 'put questions to me', as we say in Jamaica, and I refused him.

I also felt that I had to tell my cousin and she asked him about it. He told her that he never did it, and he described me a in a very derogatory manner. I cried because this man was always coming on to me. He even offered to pay my tuition if I would have sex with him.

I also told my boyfriend that I was uncomfortable staying at my cousin's house because of this man. My boyfriend suggested that we could live together, but I refused.

When I was leaving, my cousin's husband mocked me and said I was stupid to be leaving a home, where I was hardly paying for anything, to go and rent a place where I would be paying US$900 a month and paying utilities and so on. I feel trapped because I didn't want to take anything from my boyfriend, but now I have to because I cannot go it alone.

My mother asked me how I'm getting along and how I am paying the bills. I told her I am doing just fine, but I think she knows that my boyfriend is assisting me.

I prefer to give my boyfriend my body than to allow my cousin's husband to be sleeping with her and sleeping with me and we are living in the same house. Sorry for speaking so plainly, but I have to.


Dear P.S.,

I understand what you are saying. You should not have been surprised when your cousin defended her husband. She said that she did not believe he was coming on to you.

It will cost you a lot of money to pay rent and to go to school, but be encouraged and think of the many who have done just that and have succeeded.

I hope your boyfriend will not take advantage of you because he is giving you some help. Study hard, and take care of yourself.


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